The BigCT App is a new concept developed for launch in Cape Town, South Africa. It incorporates the latest technology, with a sleekest features, and up-to-date information, to bring you a unique experience.

Use the App to navigate your way through the streets of your city. Involve your friends or come to one of our events and experience your slice of the world like never before!

Developed by BFS Network, a Digital Agency based in Cape Town. Years of experience, multi-cultural thinking, and hard work has really paid off, resulting in a powerful pocket-sized experience. This is a multi-dimensional service offering, not just the App, but everything the full-service Agency can offer as well.

This isn’t going to be another App that appears and disappears. We intend to stick around for a long time, after all, there’s still so much left to do! We’re here to make something that lasts, something unforgettable and fun. We have big plans, and you are invited along for the ride!

You may find yourself asking one of our Frequently Asked Questions, have a look at our prepared answers, or Contact Us if you have a specific query in mind. We’d be more than happy to help!