Give financial assistance to the visually impaired students for primary and secondary education.


Visually impaired(mal voyant) students in Malawi lack sufficient funding to attend school from as early as primary school due to lack of funding or specialized facilities to cater for them


  • Give financial assistance to the visually impaired students for primary and secondary education.


  • Increase the opportunities for students with disabilities to access education through funding.


  • Partnership with the Hope for the Blind Foundation since 2016.
  • Sponsorship of school fees for 10 visually impaired students in primary and secondary school.
  • Sustain the scholarships of the 10 students.
  • Construction of toilet blocks
  • Donation of desks and chairs


  • ALL 10 students still receiving sponsored education
  • 1 student now enrolled in university.

Keeping Girls in School

In 2013, Sobo brand provided K3 million for a pilot project which ran in 15 primary schools. The project aimed at keeping girls in school, targeting adolescent girls. Output included training sessions on life skills and adolescent reproductive health (20 girls per school); distribution of washable sanitary pads; development of a counselling guide on adolescent reproductive health and outreach activity to sensitize the communities of the menstrual hygiene needs of pubescent girls in school where over 2000 people attended, 60% females and 40% males. Keeping Girls in School achieved the following:


Over 82% of adolescent girls who received re-usable sanitary pads indicate that they actively participate in classes despite menstruating

  • A dramatic drop of abscenteeism among adolescent girls who had received the sanitary pads.
  • School girls started to openly talk/discuss about issues of menstraution unlike in the past where these issues were never talked about. 
  • Communities now recognize menstrual hygine as an issue that affects girls education. Organisations have since approached our project partner GENET for washable sanitary pads in order for distribution 
  • Corporate Social Investor of the Year Award 2013 (Chartered Institute of Marketers )

Sobo Sponsors Happy Classrooms

In 2013 and in 2014, our brand Sobo Squash brand supported the creation of pleasant and stimulating classrooms through sponsorship of the boNGO’s Happy Classrooms project. Happy Classrooms aims improve learning and teaching environments in primary schools through the painting of teaching aids on classroom walls. Sobo has sponsored the painting of 16 classrooms in Lilongwe and Blantyre, via this project.

Castel Malawi Partners with Polytechnic on Management Trainee Program

Castel Malawi LTD has signed a contract with the University of Malawi, Polytechnic in a partnership that has seen 18 management trainees join the company. The contract, signed on 14 November 2017, secures positions for final year students, to work in various sections within the Technical/Production department for 1 year. Sections include Maintenance and Utilities, Quality, and Packaging. This management trainee program provides students with much needed opportunity to put learnt theory to practice.

“This partnership benefits both the University of Malawi, our company and the industrial sector. Students on this program will be exposed to the industrial work environment that provides them with the expertise required for their future,” says Managing Director Olivier Renson regarding the program.

Furthermore, as part of contributing to the development of people in Malawi, the company’s program secures the building up of well-trained individuals that can take up jobs and perform to high standards, in future. This is the first step in an initiative that is running under the company’s Learning and Development section in Castel Malawi’s Human Resources department. Aside from the full year program, plans are underway to develop a varying student programs, including 3 to 4 month attachments that will run during school calendar holidays.
“While we are paying specific focus on the Technical Department, we have plans for entry-level opportunities in our ICT and Commercial departments,” Renson added.

Castel Malawi Donates to Kondanani Children’s Village

From March 2018 to the end of the year, our company has committed to providing donations of Sobo Squash to support Kondanani Children’s village. Kondanani Children’s village, is a children’s orphanage offering care and education. The donation, monthly donations, provides over 140 children of up to 16 years of age, beverage supply for the rest of the year. This is in line with the company’s commitment to ensuring that children, one of our key consumer groups, are given a caring and healthy environment.