• What was your reaction to the lifting of the ban by MBS on the use of Tartrazine?
  1. As a company producing beverages, we take the reversal of this ban as a positive development.
  • Were you involved in discussions with MBS regarding the lifting of the ban?
  1. Dialogue between Castel Malawi and the Malawi Bureau of standards remained open and it was in our best interest to resolve the issue around tartrazine.
  • Why did you remove Sobo Squash from the Market?
  1. Post the suspension of the use of Tartrazine in Sobo Squash we introduced a substitute colorant which created separation of product. We opted to discontinue production until a lasting solution was found.
  • Was the suspension of sediments due to fact that Castel stopped the use of tartrazine?
  1. Yes. Because were using natural colorant (beta carotene) which are difficult to dissolve leading to the lifting of the juice part of the product.
  2. Why did you not inform the public of the withdrawal?
  3. The withdrawal was communicated through our Customers in order not to create panic with our consumers. We have a wide network of wholesalers nation-wide, this made the process quicker and manageable.
  • Has the formulation for Orange Squash changed? 
  1. We have maintained the Original recipe which contains tartrazine
  • Has the formulation for Pineapple Squash changed?
  1. No.
  • What flavours have you re-launched?
  1. A) Orange and Pineapple Squash in 2 liters
  • Where can we buy Sobo Squash?
  1. A) At supermarkets, superettes and groceries nation-wide at MK 2,400 per bottle
  • Does the shelf life of the Sobo Squash change because of the change in the recipe/ formulation?
  1. A) The shelf life for Orange and Pineapple is 4 months
  • Is Sobo Squash here to stay?
  1. A) Yes

Kuphaka Life – Campus Take-over

At the beginning of 2015, we hit the refresh button and thought “College Campus Takeover”.  What better way to get the year started than through a platform of events that would attract over 10,000 students from over 18 universities nationwide? And in that moment, Coca-Cola’s Kuphaka Life was born.

Coca-Cola College Campus takeover aka Kuphaka Life was the first series of college campus events of its kind to storm universities nationwide. It gained us our biggest following yet amongst our target consumer segment, 16-25 year olds by giving them the opportunity to mix, mingle, make new friends and connect with the brand Coca-Cola

Kuphaka Life brought fun through sporting activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, and also kids play such as Flaye, Play Station gaming, obstacle courses. The events also featured a musical line-up with performances by artists selected by Coca-Cola consumers. Artists included Nepman, Bucci, Fikisa, and Gwamba, among others.
Kick starting it all, the Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life crew took the refreshment package to Chancellor College in Zomba. The students and other young people from surrounding areas had a lot of fun.

It was then the turn for other campuses starting with College of Medicine, where  students from Catholic University of Malawi, Malawi College of Accountancy, the Polytechnic, Columbia Commonwealth University, Blantyre International University and Exploits University amongst others converged.

Central region campuses had their turn at Bunda College of Agriculture, which saw other near-by colleges join the fun – Natural Resources College, Kamuzu College of Nursing, Gray Matter and MCA just to mention a few.

To close it all it was Mzuzu University hosting northern region campuses.
Through this refreshment platform we brought young people together to create, share and experience moments of Happiness.

Carlsberg Green Beer

Press Release

We at Castel Malawi would like to acknowledge that we have heard the messages expressed by our customers and consumers over the past weeks pertaining to the taste profile of Carlsberg Green beer. We want to thank you all for your input. We wish to assure you that we will keep up our efforts to provide “probably the best beer in the world” in the “Warm heart of Africa”.

The satisfaction of our customers and consumers is our major preoccupation and, therefore, we are working without respite on supplying the best quality of beer.

Major investments have been made in our production process in the last few months because we are committed and willing to always deliver high quality products.

At Castel Malawi, customers and consumers are at the heart of every decision we make. Listening and respecting our customers and consumers is one of our most important values shared among all employees within the group Castel Malawi.

-Castel Malawi Management-