Creating BARRIERS against the coronavirus

31 March 2020  

Creating BARRIERS against the coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic is spreading at an alarming rate on the African continent, and during this period we need to safeguard our employees, partners and families by adopting new safety & prevention measures.

Below is an illustration on what we need to do in order to protect ourselves and those around us from the Coronavirus.


Castel Malawi remains responsible for the safety of its employees, customers, contractors’, suppliers and visitors.
We have put in place the following initiatives as prevention measures, detection and worst-case scenario preparedness.

STEP 01: Present your ID at the main Gate
All employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and visitors are required to present their Identity Cards at the gate. NO I.D = NO ACCESS  
STEP 02: Wash your hands thoroughly fo 20 seconds
Hand washing facilities have been made available at ALL entry points around the plant and depots in all 3 regions  

The company has hired a team of 13 medical students from Kamuzu College of Nursing, to manage the temperature screening process and provide additional assistance to our site clinics.

  • All stakeholders will have temperature checked at main entrances upon arrival on site.
  • Full details will be recorded in a logbook and a wrist band issued which should be kept on until leaving the site as evidence of control done.
  • If the temperature is above 38 degree Celsius, access the site will be refused, and the individual will be sent to the clinic or advised to seek medical review.

Frequently contacted surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected. These include door handles, meeting tables, chairs, stair rails, vehicle cabins and commonly used machinery. It is our mission to ensure that that disinfection is effective on all the sites

We continue to encourage our employees to:

  • Observe social distance (1 meter) when meeting in groups.
  • Make hand sanitizing a common practice

It is our joint responsibility to fight against the spread of the coronavirus to safeguard our families, lives and country.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

We are on the journey to gender equality. We support our fierce, professional and strong women in the beverage industry. Over the past 3 years we have made deliberate efforts to increase the number of female employees in the organization. The 8th March represents International Women’s day and we pay tribute to all our Women employees and honor them not only today but throughout the month of  March.   …We will offer EQUAL recruitment opportunities   …We will challenge the status quo   …We will develop skills …We will drive passion …We will master perfection     …We will recognize talent     …We will train our teams   …We will support each other as professional women of the Castel Family      

Congratulations to our Long Serving Employees

This year’s long service awards were held at Sun Bird Hotels Mount Soche, Capital Hotel and Mzuzu Hotel. We awarded a total of 104 awardees with 57 in the South, 27 in the Centre and 20 in the North. Thank you gifts for each category were 28 iron sheet for 30 years, 26 iron sheets for 25 years, a mini fridge for 20 years and a bicycle for 15 years of service.