Malawi is a country largely dependent on agricultural resources for subsistence and development of the country’s GDP.

Malawi is currently faced with continued challenges of deforestation, constrained water resources and limited capacity to manage the agricultural resources.



  • Mudi Dam is the main water source for Blantyre Water Board, our only water supplier.


  • Protect the catchment area and secure water climate
  • Drive Community and student awareness on the preservation of the environment


  • 10,000 trees planted in 2018
  • 28,000 trees planted in total from 2016-2018


  • 800,264 Blantyre city residents
  • 300,000 Local community & residents & Castel Malawi
  • 1,500 environmental jobs created through monitoring, seedling management, security, reporting…etc.
  • 20 Primary schools impacted (140,000 learners)

2019 Activities

  • Sustain the protection of the environment.
  • On the 29thMarch 2019 we planted an additional 15,000 trees
  • Continued monitoring to ensure good survival rate
  • Continue to preserve and contribute to the development of the community.
  • Rehabilitation of damaged land by draining site

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