• From 05-08 March 2019, heavy rains caused by tropical cyclone Idai led to severe flooding in the southern region of Malawi in one of the worst tropical storms in the region on record.
  • An estimated 868,895 people, including 443,136 children, have been affected by the flooding, with over 85,000 people displaced. Many of the displaced are sheltered in schools, and lessons for children have been severely disrupted. 
  • The Presidents has called upon individuals and organizations -both local and international- to join the Government in providing relief to affected Malawians.


  • Provide aid relief supplies to 300 families
  • Source maintenance materials
  • Donate food supplies and blankets


  • Provide assistance to families who were affected by this disaster.
  • Provide repair materials to people who lost their homes.


  • Purchase maintenance and food supplies to 300 homes.
  • Visit affected areas for direct handovers


  • 1,500 people assisted
  • Provision of clean drinking water
  • Provision of shelter through provision of plastic sheets and nails for home repairs


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