Malawi Blood Transfusion Service

Castel Malawi and The Malawi Blood Transfusion Service entered into an agreement in March 2016, where Castel Malawi donates 30 cases of soft drinks per month as part of supporting MBTS’s blood collection drive. The agreement also sees Castel Malawi working with MBTS to support quarterly blood drives from internal and external blood donors.

Speaking about this collaboration, Castel Malawi’s Marketing Director, Gwynyth Mchiela says: “Castel Malawi has long prioritized health in Malawi through its health programs, notably our Sobo Ward since 1997, and also through the ShareHope project since 2013. We are pleased to be able to support Malawi Blood Transfusion Service in its provision of a critical resource which is essential for Malawi’s hospitals”.





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