ShareHope Project

The ShareHope project is our company’s flagship health partnership project, and one which has made significant strides in supporting 3 key hospitals in Malawi. This project, targets Ekwendeni Mission, Queen Elizabeth Central and Zomba Central Hospital as the 3 main beneficiaries to receive medical equipment, medical supplies, medications, and educational support with a view to empowering health providers and their beneficiaries ever year. The equipment, brand new, is selected by hospital staff through an online inventory, which means that each hospital chooses, and receives according to their needs.

Our Partners

MedShare, do all the hard work of collecting, and packing of medical equipment, mostly through dedicated volunteers Citi-Hope International seek out critical pharmaceutical drugs and work closely with beneficiaries to ensure they receive what is needed The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation are the key sponsors, funding thousands of US Dollars each year to ensure safe delivery of containers and pharmaceutical drugs to our beneficiary hospitals Castel Malawi: we work closely with hospitals on the ground to ensure on time activation of all elements, and also fund and manage all logistical costs from the port (Beira) and also in-country logistics right to the hospitals’ doorsteps so to speak. Castel Malawi commits MK10-15million each year on this project which supports healthcare and humanitarian efforts in Malawi. The project runs from 2013 to 2017.

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