About Castel Malawi


  • Opened: SBL-1955, MDL-1967, CML-1968
  • Officially Registered as Castel Malawi LTD in October 2017
  • Local partners are Press Corporation
  • We produce beer, spirits, carbonated soft drinks and still beverages
  • We are located in the, Centre & South


Castel Malawi LTD is the leading producer and distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Malawi. For 50 years, Castel Malawi LTD has produced and supplied the Malawi market with global brands such as Carlsberg beer, Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite and locally with CASTEL BEER, MALAWI GIN, SOBO SQUASH and KUCHE KUCHE.

Castel Malawi is owned by the Castel Group, a French beverages company which was founded in 1949, by Pierre Castel. The Castel Group is the number 3 wine producer in the world, the number 2 producer of beer and soft drinks in Africa (excluding South Africa), the first Bottler for Coke in the world with a presence in 23 countries on the continent, 85 breweries and 120 soft drinks plants.

National Footprint:

  • 4 main production sites (incl.spirits)
  • 6 packaging lines in 2 sites
  • 13 primary depots
  • 130 wholesalers/distributors
  • 20,000 Direct customers (outlets selling our products)
  • Supporting over 150,000 Malawians  

Human resources:

Castel Group is one of the big employers in Malawi with

Head count

  • 914 employees
  • 185 casuals
  • 12 management trainees
  • 1,000 contractors Human Resources

Castel Malawi is a beverage company that offers employment in the following areas:

  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Commercial & Marketing
  • Logistics & warehouse
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
Castel Malawi has an ever-growing ambition to develop employee’s knowledge and skills by investing in development trainings and experiences to reinforce the team spirit and expand capabilities.

Castel Malawi Limited Ambition

Castel Malawi Limited has invested in Malawi to stay in Malawi !

The Group has clearly stated its ambitions and commitment to fulfil in Malawi. Our four key ambitions are:

  • To expand its business in Malawi by offering new products to its customers
  • To ensure quality products to Malawian consumers
  • To return to growth and job creation
  • To contribute furthermore in the economic development of Malawi

CML ecosystem and Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 1968, The main areas of interest of CSR are to protect the environment and contribute to the health sector, promote education and drive sustainability in our local community and society at large, both today and tomorrow.
  • Health: Construction of Sobo Oncology ward in 1996- which to date we still support
  • Education: Scholarships and Secondary school tournament since 1967
  • Environment: Recycling, reforestation
  • Sanitation: Improved water supply; borehole restoration and construction
  • Humanitarian: relief-MK165,000,000 to flood victims in 2019
  • Sports: Football- Carlsberg Cup & COPA, Netball