About Castel Malawi team

Our team drives our company’s strategic direction, setting clear objectives across our company.

Our organization encompasses a wide array of individual skills, expertise, job scopes and strategic functions. From Administration, Technical, Sales and Finance the contribution of every employee counts. Castel Malawi has an exceptionally talented and qualified executive management team. With a wealth of experience amongst the 5 Directors, the company is led by the Managing Director Mr. Hervé Milhade. 

Supporting the Executive team are the senior managers heading various specialized functions. The management team play a fundamental role in ensuring that Executive team are informed on different business matters and channel information top down and bottom up. Communication and transparency throughout the business system is a paramount lever for employee engagement.

In the growing competitive environment, the team requires individuals who are innovative, creative, quick decision makers and have a thirst for greatness.

The company believes in cross function teamwork and support to achieve a common goal. Mentoring and talent development are key to building an all-star team!

At Castel Malawi We are one team! One Family ALL focused on achieving one common OBJECTIVE.

The Executive team