Carlsberg Green Beer

Press Release

We at Castel Malawi would like to acknowledge that we have heard the messages expressed by our customers and consumers over the past weeks pertaining to the taste profile of Carlsberg Green beer. We want to thank you all for your input. We wish to assure you that we will keep up our efforts to provide “probably the best beer in the world” in the “Warm heart of Africa”.

The satisfaction of our customers and consumers is our major preoccupation and, therefore, we are working without respite on supplying the best quality of beer.

Major investments have been made in our production process in the last few months because we are committed and willing to always deliver high quality products.

At Castel Malawi, customers and consumers are at the heart of every decision we make. Listening and respecting our customers and consumers is one of our most important values shared among all employees within the group Castel Malawi.

-Castel Malawi Management-

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